Trigger Action by adding Row?

Hi - is it possible to trigger an action upon saving a row to a table? In my case, when a User clicks on “Save” to add new row to one table, I want to automatically run an action that updates values on another table. I have the action set up and working, I just want it to run in the background and not rely on a User pushing a button.


Go down to your “table_form”, scroll down to behavior, and select your action from a drop down. This action will run every time a form is saved

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Thanks for your reply. I have been looking at this area already, but my action is not in the drop-down, hence my question. I see actions like Add, Delete, Edit, and view some Refs, but I don’t see the action that I created and want to have run.

Would you mind sharing how you got the tables to talk to each other

The dropdown will display actions associated with the same table as the form. If you want to perform an action associated with a different table, you’ll need to create an action (of type Data: execute an action on a set of rows) for the form’s table that in turn performs the action for the other table.


Thanks for the replies. Dani_Mittler’s question triggered a review of my whole structure, and it turned out that I wasn’t linking the tables correctly. So I rebuilt the whole app from the ground up and using Steve’s answer managed to get this to work. The update is a little slower than I expected but it works, so thanks.