Trigger action when press button in Form view

Hi team,

I have a Yes/No column, Input mode: Buttons.
I would like to know if when I am in the Form view (editing/adding record) and I press the button is possible to trigger a “Go to View” action?

PD: I need the action available in the Form View, not after save the form, or in the table view. Would that be possible?



Well, that was a crude but real reply. :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Geovany_Kelly
I have done something like this:

When a user adds a new customer, an Enum column shows him similar customers we already have.
He can then:
Or: Save the form to add the new customer
Or: Choose an existing customer

The Enum column is the last one in the form. I’ve enabled “Auto-Save” in the Form View. So by choosing an existing customer in the Enum column, the Form get’s saved.
In the “Event Actions” --> “Form Saved” I have added a grouped Action that includes:

  • Go to the Detail View of the existing customer
  • Delete the new added customer

May this be useful for you?
For the user it looks like jumping out of the form into the detail view from another entry.


That iluminated me, Well thought out! Thanks @Fabian !