Trigger action/workflow based on date/time located in table

Hi - Is it possible to trigger and action/workflow, specifically a text message, on a specific date? I have a “Reminder” date in one of my tables that I would like to use to send a text message to the user who set up the original to-do task. I’ve searched through the AppSheet support and community, but can’t find a thread that addresses this.

Thanks in advance.


Yes you can do that with a scheduled report. Please check this article…


@Aleksi thank you for your response. While I understand the workflow and scheduled report concepts, I am having trouble with the element that will trigger the text. What I am envisioning (and I don’t know if it is possible) is - a user will create a “to do” and will choose a reminder date/time. On this reminder date/time (which may be a week or two down the road), a column formula, either in the Google Sheet or in AppSheet will have logic that says "if “NOW()” is greater than or equal to the reminder date/time, then return “YES”. Once this column says “YES”, it will trigger the text message with the contents of the “to do” to be sent. It doesn’t need to trigger at a specific time (although it would be nice if it could trigger on the reminder time), but I would need it to trigger on the date. I appreciate any advice you have.

You can achieve this by creating a Report that is invoked every day (or every weekday).
The Report would scan the “ToDo” table looking for any record having a matching “to do” date.
The Report would create an SMS for each matching record.

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