Trigger an action from a enumlist field

Hi guys,

I’m trying to do a stock movement table that let me change the [location] of a bunch of assets. To do so, I created a table where I can select some assets in the column [Assets] (enum list) and put the destination where I want to move these assets to.
I also created two actions, one in the Asset table as “Data:set the values of some columns in this table” to update the location with the [destination] value of the last row in the Movement Stock table.
The other one is “Data:execute an action on a set of rows” action type where I want to use the selected assets in the [Assets] enumlist column.
The first action works ok but I don’t get any change when I press the second one to test. However I can see the list of assets when I TEST the formula in the second action.

I can’t detect what’s going on here. Can somebody help me?


Check the Log to see if an error is being reported for that action. You can get to the Log from any Workflow. Expand the workflow and tap the Log button. Then scroll through the list to find your action and see if any errors are reported.

Also, remember that the “execute an action on a set of rows” is actually 2 actions. The first gathers the rows. The second is the target action applied to each of those rows one-by-one. Check the log for both and make sure there is no logic in the Behavior section of either Action that would prevent them from running.

If neither of those help, then we may need more details to help diagnose further.