Trigger Email

Hi, may I know if it is possible to create a workflow that will trigger an email when a particular column of the data table is completely filled? As for now, the workflow that I have will only send an email every time when any row of that particular column is being filled. Is there a way to create a workflow that will only send an email once all of the rows have been filled?

I believe there’s something wrong either in your query or my understanding of it. What exactly do you mean with:

Possible questions are:
1.) Is your table limited to accept only a certain amount of records/rows? i.e. 10 row of data
2.) How many columns you have in your table?
3.) Why do you seek for the completeness of a single column? What’s the purpose? In what way you are ensuring that it’s complete?

[Q] How AppSheet will know or judge that “…all of the rows have been filled…”? What’s the criteria?


Hi, so sorry maybe the question wasn’t clear enough :sweat_smile: Maybe it will be better for me to explain what is this app is all about?
I was planning to make a count sheet app where counter has to count the inventory depending on on the list that is input by the assigner in the google sheets. In a way, the table is limited to certain amount of rows each day?

After the counter has completed the counting, the verifier has to approve the final quantity which is the “verified quantity” column. This column is vital as there will be a case where the counter has to recount it multiple times hence, it prevents any misunderstanding or mistakes for the assigner when he/she have to confirm the inventory into the company’s system.

Was wondering if the email triggering able to send an email to the assigner to let him/her know that all of the records have been done and verified. Because they are only able to confirm the inventory once all of the records have been done and verified. Currently, the workflow keeps sending an email to the assigner every time the “verified quantity” column is being filled.

I know that I am able to use schedule report for this but the list (number of records that the counter have to count) may vary each day which may result in the verifier to end their work earlier and therefore, require some workflow to let the assigner know that the work have been done in order to reduce any inefficiency. :blush: