Triggering an action link to calendar without...

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Triggering an action link to calendar without using a separate form or table?

I use a simple table to present user menu options which works fine when I want to redirect them to a particular form. However, I would like the same table to redirect to an external calendar without loading a blank form to enable me to add as an action which I realise can be achieved.

For example, expression used to launch different views (courtesy of a previous answer from Aleksi) is typically in the format:


Is there a similar way of launching a calendar perhaps something other than #control? Calendar link currently in format of

Tried simply putting #control= in front of it but that doesn’t work.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You are probably using Deck view. Add an additional URL column and then add a separate action to your item.

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Thanks Aleksi, I’ll give that a try…