Triggering Email based on text in a Field

New to Appsheets, i am using a google sheet and want to trigger an email with pdf attachment.

I need to set a condtion under the EVENT which looks for a particular text from a drop down list set as ENUMLIST

however the condtional area seems to only be accepting Yes/No condition, am I missing something here?

Is [_THISROW].[CPT] = “PROG” solving the problem ?

unfortunately, it gave me this error, i ddi confirm that CPT is a ENUMLIST and “PROG” is a value it that list

yes item is in the list

Hello Sultan and welcome to the community!

Steve is actually telling you that you should use IN()expression; this is what you need to do. Click on the link.

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thank you, i got it to work,

but i had one question, after the automation robot has completed how can i clear the value in the CPT field so that the “Prog” gets deleted and the field becomes empty, otherwise any future saves of that row will trigger the robot.

I tried to create another PROCESS after the EMAIL task to try to clear the CPT field but could not figure it out? any thoughts on how i could achieve that?

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I would never initialize to an empty value, rather to an explicit value like: "init". Since your column is of type List, you would initialize it to LIST("init"). Otherwise, you can use LIST()

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Actually I changed it from ENUMLIST and used the _throw to look for “PrOG”

So after the email has been sent how can I clear that value within a TEXT field?

currently the condition to trigger the email is shown below, however after the email is sent, i want that particular Field value to be cleared or set to a text like ex: “H or P”

hopefully that makes sense.