Triggering notification from value search in column


I have a question about triggering a notification based on two values values submitted with a form.

I would like to have 5 columns, each named a different color. Under each column I would like to have a list of values. (a1, a2, a3)

In a form view in app sheer I would have to have two fields for the user. The first field I would like to have the user select one of the 5 colors. Field two I would like the user to input a value.

I would like appsheet to search the column they selected to see if the value is on the list. If the value is on the list I would like appsheet to trigger a notification.

Example: user selections red column on form and inputs a value of a5. a5 is one of the values listed under the red colimn.

You could try the following.

Setup a small table like this for the “5 columns”

Then for your form table, set the first field to be a ref-type to the above table. Second field is a value as you said.

Setup a workflow for ADDS on the form’s table. Set the condition as
IN( [value] , [color].[values] )

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Thank you for the reply on this. On my form I have a field where the person selects a color and in the 2nd field they select a value.

Using the formula below how do I tell it to first search the folow field and then the value field when all it is referencing is 1 value field?

IN( [value] , [color].[values] )

Just to clarify. My form has two fields they fill out. Color & value.

My table its referencing has two fields as well. Shotcolor and shotvalue.

Did you set it up as I suggested?

Might need to change it to this:

IN( [value] , SPLIT([color].[values], “,”) )

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