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Hi Everyone,
I am trying to remove excess information from barcodes. Scanning a couple of items has came back with information like this:

CATAA( – 6I0273
CATAA --3261643
CATAA: – 1R0778

So “CATAA” is a constant among them, “(” or “PH” is the “origin” of the product.
The numbers on the right are the actual part number that I care about.

I would like to create an expression that fills in [Part Number] based off of [Barcode]
I’ve looked into SPLIT and TRIM, but because the “Origin” is very often different im unsure how to consistently remove everything left of the part number.


Is the part you are interested in always delimited by a “-“? If yes… you can try a combination of Find() and Right() to leave you with the part you want. See some information here:

Yeah I found something very similar in appsheets examples:

Column AppName with a value of “Sales-10305”

LEFT([AppName], FIND("-", [AppName]))** returns “Sales”

This works for the most part for me. My current formula is:

RIGHT([Barcode], FIND("–",SUBSTITUTE([Barcode], " ", “”))),


AND(Contains([Barcode],“P”),Contains([Barcode],"-"),LEN([Barcode]) = 15),
LEFT([Barcode], FIND("-", [Barcode]) - 1)

With the CAT section I am sometimes left with a space on the left of the part number.

Any Ideas?

Wrap your entire expression in TRIM().

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Well I guess it’s just that easy!

Thank you! @Steve

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