Trouble with a workflow working properly

I have a workflow set up to send an email to USEREMAIL when the contents of a field match the conditions of “Simple Estimate” or “Detailed Proposal”. There is an action then that looks for the contents “Simple Estimate” or “Detailed Proposal” and changes the contents to “Sent”. This used to work fine, but just stopped working about a month ago.

I “patched” it by adding double quotes to the criteria in the workflow "“Simple Estimate” or ““Detailed Proposal”” but now it when either “Simple Estimate” or “Detailed Proposal” is selected it sends two emails to USEREMAIL. One has the estimate and one has the proposal. Any ideas? It’s really plugging up our Inboxes by sending both emails. And its confusing.

Thanks in advance.

Have you looked at the Audit History as described here

It is very likely that you can figure out what is happening by looking at the Audit History.

Yes, it shows that the workflow was successful. In a sense it is. It is sending the email, but it is not following the criteria. The workflow completes successfully, but it should stop when it doesn’t match the criteria. I will review the info you sent me though and see if that has something I haven’t seen.

When I click on Test I get this from the “True” condition.

*Condition": “=AND(ISNOTBLANK([Email Address (Marketing)]),ISNOTBLANK([Notes (Displays on Prospect Estimate/Proposal)]),[Email Prospect]=”“Simple Estimate”")",

  • “MatchesCondition”: “True”

I’m not sure why I’m seeing the backslashes in "“Simple Estimate”. I don’t remember seeing them before. Could that be throwing something off?

I can investigate if you provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. The application name
  3. The workflow rule name

The quotes in the expression look suspicious. If you look closely you see both “curley quotes” and “strait quotes”. I am not sure what your intention is.

Got it figured out with Gil’s help. Thanks.