Trouble with column references not displaying as expected

Hi I’m having issues with referenced columns not displaying as expected.

In this case I have a table called Check ins.
I’ve used a virtual column to create a unique title. In the past I concatenated a Text term with the extracted Month, Day and Year of when the reflection was created but I ended up with duplicate titles.

So now I want to use the value of a column [Commitment] which is a ref column along with the extracted Month, Day and Year.

It works for the most part. But the value of [Commitment] is coming back with the key value, instead of the text column that I have chosen as the label for that table. Any ideas on how to override this?

Does this work:

  "Reflection on ",
  " for ",
  TEXT([Created], "mm/dd/yyyy")

Of course it does!!! :grinning: Thanks Jonathon. You’re a rock star!