Trouble with Exporting View to CSV When clic...

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Trouble with Exporting View to CSV

When clicking the action button to download the view as a CSV, a very long URL loads in the browser address bar but, no file is downloaded, the web page is blank. The audit log shows the action functioned successfully.

I have another app where this action works as expected. The downloaded file opens in excel perfectly.

Any ideas as to what the issue could be?

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I could really use some help troubleshooting this issue. I have tested this with a few apps and a couple of tables in each app. The trouble seems to be with one table in particular ‘Punch List’, in this app. I have tried Safari & Firefox with the same behavior in both browsers.

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So, I have narrowed the problem to one specific field yet I do not understand the problem.

My tables and relationships are

Circuit :Parent table

Primary Key is Circuit

Schedule :Child of Circuit

Primary key is Schedule_ID with a foreign key Ref to Circuit

Punch List :Child of Schedule

Primary key is Punch_ID with a foreign key Ref to Schedule

Writing a reference to circuit [Schedule_ID].[Circuit] from within the Punch List table is preventing the download of the CSV file. Removing this field resolves the problem. @praveen@Philip_Garrett_Appsh@Aleksi_Alkio