Trouble with include column name in PDF attachment Template

Hi all, I need help on this issue, I have create an app with a bot that will eventually send out an report.

When I create the task for sending email to a table, I found the error as below:

‘Send Asset Master Report’ task ‘Send Asset Master Report’ Attachment template. Expression ‘[Asset Code]’ is invalid due to: Unable to find column ‘Asset Code’.

Asset Code is one of the column name for the selected table, and in the attachment, I include the column like this: <<[Asset Code]>>

I not sure what I did wrong, as my other app is no issue to include column in the attachment.

Your help is appreciated, thank you.

I miss out on one thing: even though I use the default created PDF attachment by appsheet also getting the same error.

If would be more helpful if you could provide details and images of what you implemented concerning where you are having the issue. A screenshot of your Bot Event, template and the concerned data table would be a good place to start for the best help.

Without the details, Check these 3 things:

  1. Make sure the table does indeed have the Asset Code column. If it is a newly added column to the datasource, each app must be re-generated to include the new column.

  2. Check name spelling is correct.

  3. Verify that the template is accessing the correct data table. If you are running a Scheduled Bot, no table rows are provided. The template must query for the desired table rows using START/END block within the template. If it is a Data Change bot, each changed row is tested against the Event criteria. If meeting the criteria, that single row is passed to the template. So, all column references in the template must match with the table row passed in.


Thanks for the help, with your advice, I found the problem.

Thanks alot.

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You’re welcome. Please provide an update on what the actual issue was and your resolution so others may benefit from the knowledge!


Hi, after go through your advice, the item 3 is the solution.