Trouble with USERROLE filtering

Hi all,

I’m a new AppSheet user and am having difficulty getting columns filtered by USERROLE.


  • Login required, Google authentication
  • I have 2 accounts invited, and can log in to the app with both. 1 is classified as “role: admin” and the other as “role: user” in the Users list.
  • In Data:Columns, while editing the properties of an individual column, I have (USERROLE() = “Admin”) at the Show? expression (see attached).
  • I have a Pro plan

In the App preview window, with “Preview as” assigned to one and then the other user, all columns are shown regardless of user type. From what I read, this may be an issue with the preview window.

However, the same holds true for the app when on my phone, or when logging in to the browser version of the app. All columns show.

What am I missing?

Many thanks,


For the case that I had to solve, I did the following:

Groups of students in a school

Each teacher has their email

Each teacher is assigned to all students in certain groups

In a column of the students table, I put a field with the name Teachers_Asignados, in that field, for each student, I put the emails of the teachers that can see that student and I compare it with the username they use to access the App.

For that I use a formula in the security section of the Table, the formula verifies two things, first that the teacher’s email is in the field that I commented before, and it also verifies a special list that I have for administrators

The Formula is:

Or(CONTAINS([Teachers_Asignados], USEREMAIL()),USEREMAIL()=
ANY(LIST(value1, value2)))

Where value1, value2, I can change it to the administrator’s email that is needed at the time.

I hope you find it useful