Troubleshooting image/file load issues

A small little debugging tool…


This is pretty cool

Thanks for this, @praveen !

I’m having trouble understanding part of it, though:

The basic approach is to copy the image url and open it in a browser window. If the image doesn’t show, you will instead see an error trace.

I’m a Mac user and when I try to follow the approach you’ve described on Safari and Chrome I get this:

Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 12.39.24

In other words, I don’t get the kind of error trace you wrote about. Am I doing something wrong? Perhaps it has something to do with my browser settings. I have a feeling that I’ve missed something you’ve already explained in your post but even after going back to look for it I’m still stumped.

By the way, I’m a big fan of gettablefileurl. I’m using it in my classes all of the time now. Students put screenshots into records they make as assignments. The students type a tag for that particular assignment into the tag column and then, because all of the students share their sheets with me, I can pull all of the submitted assignment into a Google spreadsheet I use to collate student data. The students’ apps write their app names to their sheets with CONTEXT(“AppName”) and that gives me all of the information I need to construct an image URL that both I and all of the students can see. It looks like this on the page I’ve published for the students:

I’ve found other uses for gettablefileurl and it’s generally quite stable. But, I’m curious to learn about this debugging tool just in case I should encounter difficulties in the future.

Hi @Kirk_Masden, could you please file a support ticket with this specific gettablefileurl and note on it that you’ve been taling with me to they route it to me? I’ll take a look. Thanks!


Sure Praveen! I’ll be happy to do that. Let me just confirm one point, first, though. All I did was take a URL generated for a student and change a letter. I just wanted to see the error tracing tool you described. So, would you like me to send an example of a URL that works but that, when I change a letter, I don’t get the same kind of error tracing feedback you introduced?

oh ok. That is probably because you corrupted the url and it no longer matches the signature (assuming you have the option enabled for secure iimages). That’s something hackers could do, so we’re not going to provide meaningful error messages — just a standard 404 error.

But let’s say you moved or renamed the file in the file system. Then you should get a meaningful error message.


I see. Thanks. Just for your information, I’ve gotten the kind of error I showed above before (unintentionally – just did something wrong when constructing the URL via my spreadsheet) and have never gotten they tracing tool you indicated. I’ll look for it in the future if I get any errors – which hasn’t happened for quite some time now, thankfully. :slight_smile: