Troubleshooting PDF Template


This is driving me crazy, hope you can help me.
I created a PDF template in Google Docs, and when I click “View” in the Workflow Rule to generate the PDF I see this:

But when I generate the PDF through the app, I get something like this:

I followed the tips in previous articles but I can´t make it to work properly. Format is not the same, images change position, tables are wider, etc.



Add a column to the left of your table of MODELO DE REGISTRO and move the image to that column, remove the top, bottom and left borders from the cell.


Hi Levent!

Thanks for your help. I did as you suggested and was able to put in place the image. Non the less I keep having trouble with the format. I removed the borders of the cell but still the PDF shows them. It also doesn´t keep the size of the cell (for example the “1/167”).

Template image:

PDF Export image:

Thanks again!


In the template, make the border color white and the border thichness 0 px for the top, bottom and left borders of the cell containing the image. For all the tables, select the table/cell, open the table properties and set a definite height and width rather than auto. Auto resized the cells as per its data content.
Also include that Codigo and Numero all into a 3x2 table and hide the borders marked with blue color as explained above.

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