Truncation of columns: I have tried all the ...

Truncation of columns:

I have tried all the different settings for column width to no avail. No matter the device view (phone or full screen), formatting causes my column to be truncated. The column without formatting is no more than 3 characters yet formatting (doing so adds a flag icon) causes the last character to be replaced with an ellipsis. Why do such simple things have to be so complicated?..

How can this be fixed to show the entire 3 characters and the icon???

Yes, unfortunately this issue has been going on for a long time; the extra space used by the Format Rules icons is not taken into consideration for column width sizing.


Is this something that is being actively addressed? Seems like it should be a simple fix but obviously isn’t?

Hi Michael - while this might be an easy fix, we’ve been working on a bunch of other bug fixes and features. Plus it’s been slow during the holidays. I’m back and happy to take a look at it now, though. Do you mind if I take a look at your app? I just need your app name and user ID. Thanks!

@Sarah_Gould_AppSheet I have already made a test app that demonstrates this column width issue where Format Rules icons exist; I just emailed the App/User ID to AppSheet support.


I have a very similar issue. When I generate my app. It displays my “Task” column NOT truncated in a table view. Looks great on a large screen. But, if I mess with the view in anyway. It starts truncating and you can’t get it to stop and go back the way it was unless you regenerate your entire app!

I have been trying to build (and rebuild, and rebuild) my app for weeks and this problem is making me ready to throw in the towel on APPSHEETS. It need to give better control of our ability to display data. This is unbearable.