Trying to bring information from several tables

Hi Im creating an app where I can look for id numbers and that these numbers have information from other tables that should populate the same fields on the table that I’m working is that possible??

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thank you Steve, I’m trying to do a Dereference expression, but the column I’m trying to get is not the key column of the other table, is it posible to get anothe column that is not the key??

You can get any column in the row referenced by the Ref column value. For instance, if this row has a column named Employee ID of type Ref with a Source Table of Employees, you could get the employee’s name with the dereference expression:

[Employee ID].[Name]

or the employee’s address with:

[Employee ID].[Address]

(assuming Name and Address are columns of the Employees table)

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That I got, but the thing is I have a column named Cuit on the order table that want to be ref of the same column but on the clients table, the problem is that on the clients table I have a key column that is Client ID and when I make that Ref the information on the dropdown is from the clint ID and not from the cuit column how can I resolve this?? Thanks in advance by the way you’ve been most helpfull.

Please post a screenshot of the columns list of the Order table (from Data >> Columns in the app editor) that includes at least 1) the key column, 2) the Cuit column, and 3) the Ref column that refers to the Clients table.

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Is there a column in the Ordenes table that identifies the order’s customer? If so, please post a screenshot of the Ordenes table’s column list that includes the customer column.

precisely we want to make the cuit the related column between ordenes and clientes, but there is a client ID that populates automaticaly is that the column that I have to place on ordenes?

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Yes, there should be a column in the Ordenes table of type Ref with its Source table set to the Clientes table.

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