Trying to count in workflow report template with start expression


I am trying to count in workflow template with Start and end

<<Start: orderby(Select(Jobs répété dernier mois[IDFERMETURE],contains([Nom du technicien],”FusionCom”),TRUE),[Nom du technicien])>>

<<[Nom du technicien]>>

<<count(Select(Jobs répété dernier mois[IDFERMETURE],and(contains([Nom du technicien],”FusionCom”),[_THISROW].[Nom du technicien]=[Nom du technicien])))>>


it returne error : Error in expression ‘[_thisrow].[Nom du technicien]’ : Unable to find column ‘_thisrow’.",

It should be like this:

	SELECT(Jobs répété dernier mois[IDFERMETURE],
			CONTAINS([Nom du technicien],"FusionCom"),
			[Nom du technicien]=[_THISROW].[Nom du technicien]
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Thanks but it give me the same error

It’s probably besause I am in report for Entire Table

Correct. You can use [_THISROW] deref only with row level actions.