Trying to create a List with an elemental Ref

Hi I am trying to create VC list with a simple deference list expression. The expression is like so [Ref column][Deref column]

My expression parses the correct data but when I try to change the elemental type of the list to a ref it doesn’t take (it just reverts back to text).

I have also tried changing the column type to enumlist and the base type to a ref. The editor allows me to do so but the reference doesn’t go through.

Any suggestions?

What is the column type of Deref column?

cannot be a ref type, as
[Ref column] is itself (and the only possible for that table) ref type.

What is the column type of Deref column ?

It is a Ref type as well

I am bringing @QREW_Ben because he is assisting me with this

Ok, it is possible that (a ref enumlist derived from a ref by dereferencing) may not be supported yet. I would send it to support or wait for someone from AppSheet to confirm if it is or if there is a workaround.

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I think this might be similar to:


Yep @Marc_Dillon. Your right I am trying to achieve the same thing as @teambelair and I am having the exact same issues. Does anyone know if this is a bug or expected behavior?


Just giving this a bump. I haven’t found a solution. Any luck @teambelair

I have not. Can’t find a way to create a ref list without a direct link.

Try as the App formula for a virtual column in table A:

  table B[table C ref],
  ([_THISROW].[table A ref] = [table A ref])

Perfect! Thx Steve

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