Trying to develop New App but somthing Strange

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to develop a new App with the new Look n Feel and I’m getting some strange behaviour.

So I made something completely from scratch and added all tables into System.

Table A
Table B Child of A
Table C Child of B
Table D Child of B
Table E Child of B

Now, when an Form is Filled out for Table A I can Decide if I want to see the REF inside the form, from I can Start filling in items from Table B etc. IF I have the References showing I should from inside Table B Form add Items to Table C, D & E.

This is not the Case. For Table A, I’m only Getting Table A Items. I have no way of showing Table B inside Tables As Form.

Anyone Else encountering this?

Did you check the IsPartOf option?


I’m not sure what Im on, How dumb. Not sure how I managed to do this,



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