Trying to drill down and unable to get the second Enum to work?

Lost 40 hours worth of work and now trying to rebuild and I am unable to get the second Enum to work. In the Column Type. It gives me the list of the next column , but not the choices to choose from. Help

Could you please supply more info and screenshots of your problem thanks.

Thank you very much for your response. Screenshots are somewhat limited. I could send you the URL if you’d like. This is my synopsis. Again, I’ve lost lots of work and now I’m trying to rebuild. I have a spreadsheet that has column A B and C. A&B are enum and A enum works good and forwards to B. But B shows a list with its title along with the information for column C. Hope that give you some idea. I’m new to this and I’m doing the best I can. Thanks

Im sorry but I still have no idea what you are trying to do. If you would like to make a copy of your app replacing any sensitive data with meaningful dummy data you may share it with me and I will take a look.

Did you receive the link ?

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Yes thanks. I just sent you an email. You need to allow me as co author.

Email to my Gmail account
My other account takes a while before I get it. How do I add you ?

I emailed Instructions to your gmail address.