Trying to edit a Column/Row in Table X automatically, when a value in Table Y is entered

Hello all, thanks for your time and help!

Here’s the situation:
-“users” have a “stats page”, here it shows their “top wins”
-When an “admin” saving an event record, there is a “Top Winner” column. A “user” name is selected.

How do I add +1 to the current value found in the “stats page”, in the “top wins” column, for that specific “user”?

Use a bot to run an action on rows, perhaps?

I imagine you are using a FORM view for the admin to enter these details? Form Views have a “Form Saved” behavior available. This property allow you to add a custom action (or action group in your case) to perform additional updates.

I would recommend adding a group action that:

  1. Action 1 - Finds the user row of the “winner” and performs Action 2 on this row.
  2. Action 2 - Adds +1 to the wins column of the supplied user row.

These are slim details I know, but I don’t want to assume your knowledge level. Post back if you still need help!


Hmm, I wouldn’t say I’m a beginner, but I am having trouble with this still. When running a group action, how do I run Action 2 if the row is in a different table?

For Action 1 you would use the “Execute an Action on a set of rows” type action. This allows you to “transition” to another action that operates on a row from another table.

For the “referenced rows” you should be able to pass the selected “winner” in an expression like LIST([Winner]). Action 2 is set as the referenced action. I am assuming here that the “winner” is set in a REF column. If it’s not, then you would use a SELECT() to choose the “winner” user


Thank you so much for taking the time to help with this!! Your support is much appreciated.