Trying to edit user access approach, hidden column with user email

Hello. So I have two tables project info and daily reports. The project info tables lists projects with their information, including who the foreman is and their email address. The daily reports table lists all the daily reports data collected in a form, including the project name which pulls from project info table. The present security filter checks for the user email versus a hidden column that appends the users email to each record. Problem is if I edit a record (I gave myself god like access to work as needed) it appends my user email. So then they lose access. What I want to do is have an additional dependent email appended to the record every time where it checks to see what project is selected in the record during the form editing and always has the foreman’s email for that project added to the record as well. I will then check that in an OR statement for the filter. Make sense? Just want some help with the syntax to get the lookup right so that the foreman emails for only that project from project info is chosen and added to the daily reports column.


Hi @Matthew_R
Have you checked out


Yes I have but I dont see how to get the foreman name for the specific project at time of form creation. I am using a security filter already, that isn’t really my question. Its the syntax for looking up the project’s foreman while the form is being created or edited so that the foreman email is always there relative to the project selected in that daily report form (so foreman dont see each others records) Thoughts?

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Sorry meant I dont see how to get the foreman email from the project info table to add to the daily report record based on the project selected during form completion

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Whatever method pulls the project name from the project info table will likely provide a route to getting the foreman’s email, too. How do you get the project name?

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I think you’re right, thanks Steve. A valid if statement is there that compares the way I need it to I believe. Forgot about it because I hacked someone elses syntax and didnt fully comprehend it. Wasnt thinking fully either (Working at home with a toddler!) Much appreciated

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