Trying to figure out furthest right column greater than 95% in a group of columns

So this is a toughie:

I have a series of columns, Score 1, Score 2, Score 3, etc. There are six of them in total. I need the expression to return the Score “column number” of the column highest in the hierarchy where the score falls below 95%, or “6” if they are all above 95%. In other words, if all columns (1-6) were above 95%, I need to return “6” from the expression, because all are above 95%. By the same token, if Score 1 is 85%, Score 2 is 97% and Score 3 is 100% and so on, I need to return “1” because it’s below 95%, the rest wouldn’t matter. Finally, if Score 1 is 97%, Score 2 is 70% and Score 3 is 100%, and so on, it should return “2”. I could easily do this with a flagged loop in “normal” programming, but have no idea how to approach this in appsheet. Nothing I’ve tried works correctly so far.

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OK, that sounds like it will work.

Another follow-on question: I need this to update in real time, not just when a user opens a record for editing… I need the column to always display the latest data in the list view. The columns we’re basing our computation on are in a read-only referenced table that is edited by another outside process. Is there a way to have this result in “real time”, or at least upon re-sync? Or will it only update the formula when a user opens the row for editing? Thanks!

The app needs to sync in order to see any newly changed data. Virtual columns will recalculate upon every sync.

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