Trying to fill multiple fields in Forms with one QR code

I’m new to this whole thing and have no idea how to code/use expressions. I’m trying to make it so if I scan one QR code, it fills up multiple fields in the app form instead of scanning one field at a time.

A QR code simply encodes a text string. A text string can be manipulated. You’ll probably need to use SPLIT() for what you’re wanting here.

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Yup, I’ve been looking through the community forums, however, I have no idea how to use expressions/where to input them to link the QR codes to the textbox/fields or how to create the qr codes so that they’ll work with google sheets, etc. Is there a solution to this? Sorry for the trouble…

Hi @Kranji_Node_Store
Check out this thread




Thank you very much! I’m starting to understand how this works now, would I be able to have multiple expressions in one column? Like a Linktoform expression to fill up another tables/views form instead of the same one? Or do I still have no idea what I’m doing? XD :sweat_smile:

I dont really know what you are trying to do but maybe you could fire an action on form save to copy data to another table?


Oops, I think I’m making the process overly complicated. Scratch what I said before

Sorry, the solution you provided above fixed the issue I had before. Thank you very much for the help on that, I spent hours reading the post of Split and Index again and again to try and figure out how to go about implementing it.

Currently, I’m trying to make a search function on the app where if I search/scan a unique code(QR code text) on a view (called scanner) it brings me to another view and shows me the row I’m looking for. I’ve tried to reference the row but the app crashes.