Trying to filter list for workflow


I have a workflow that I want to use to trigger an SMS. In the phone numbers expression box I put the following expression, but it is not working. When I check the log it says I keep getting an error saying that no number was put in the “TO” field.

SELECT(Employees[Telephone],Employees[Name]=[_THISROW].[Notify When Complete])

It works fine when I just put Employees[Telephone], but it send everyone in the Employees table a SMS. I am trying to only send an SMS to the employees that I selected in the [Notify When Complete] dropdown.


Try this instead:

SELECT(Employees[Telephone],[Name]=[_THISROW].[Notify When Complete])

I did initially try that but kept getting the error below in the expression window.

Cannot compare Name with List in ([Name] = [TaskID].[Notify When Complete])

Never tried it though because of that error. I will give it a shot to see what happens.

Got this error

Is Name an EnumList? And/or is Notify When Complete?

[Name] is “name” type and [Notify When Complete] is an “enumlist”

Try this instead, then:

SELECT(Employees[Telephone], IN([Name], [_THISROW].[Notify When Complete]))

Got it, problem solved. I would have never figured that one out. Very nice Steve. Hope you had a good holiday. Thank you much

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