Trying to have an action update a single field

Looking for advice I’m new to AppSheet!
I’m trying to show a slice or table with 5-10 fields in read only mode so that users can’t change or delete the data. Then have an action on the detail page view that allows you to update only the comments field in the record.

My thought was some sort of LINKTOVIEW that would move to a different slice with just the “Key” and the “Comments” but I can’t seem to make it work. Any ideas? When firing the action it just goes to a blank screen.

Any advice is very appreciated!

Create another slice with that column only and make that slice as Updates_Only. Call that form view like LINKTOROW([KeyColumn],“YourSliceFormViewName”)

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hmm, I have the slice built called “Tech_Request_Slice” Then I created an Action with the following:
Do This is set to: “App: got o another view within this app”
Target: “LINKTOROW([key],“Tech_Request_Slice”)”

When I click the action, Appsheet appears to move to another view, but nothing appears, I just see the background.

You need to open a slice’s form view, not a slice/table.

Got it! Between linking to the table and an extra underscore that was throwing off the view I got it squared away! Thank you! Looking forward to big things for us with this platform!

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Is there a way that that slice column can take an initial value at this point?
I am using this for ClockIN/ClockOUT and I don’t want to set an initial value at the time of adding the booking.


I have created action to set the ClockIN to NOW() action to open the form action to execute actions 1 and 2