Trying to hide certain rows - i cannot figure out why this is not working

I am trying to filter out two rows. I only need/want the rows that have a date to show here. I built another slice to show these two rows - so i do not want them here. However i cannot seem to filter them out.

Here is my raw data table ( i want to filter out “Total” and “Ave Daily Deposit”:

Here is what shows on my app:

Those two rows really shouldn’t be in the spreadsheet anyway. Just remove them.

I would - however i have another table that references those rows. They change daily so i need to leave them…

Then your spreadsheets are not well structured for use with AppSheet. Trying to work around the improperly-structured spreadsheets will compound your problems over time. My only advice is to restructure your spreadsheets.


ok. Thx

Once again you are right… I added a column “Type” and filtered out this way:

Thanks again Steve!