Trying to mark the current row upon tapping an action button on that row

I have an app that on each row has a button (created via action). I’d like when I tap this button for the entire row to turn a different color indicating it has already been touched.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. Tried the format rules, but can’t seem to find a THIS object or be able to apply any of my formatting rules to the current row only.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

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What does your Action do?

Presumably, your Action should be changing the value of some column to “X”. So then your format rule should have a condition of.
[column] = "X"


Hey thanks for your response!

The action (which is a button) takes values from one table and adds them to another table without modifying the current table. Maybe it should? Couldn’t figure out how to do that and do what the action currently does.

Basically I’m making kind of a “firedrill mark people as safe app.” It has a two lists of people. One with staff and one blank. In the people list, for each person there’s a thumbs-up/down action which takes the name of the current list and adds it to the blank one along with the date/time and the value True if up and False if down.

What I’m trying to do is visually mark the current tapped row in the people list so the end-user can easily see which people have already been marked without switching to the marked as safe list.


I have exactly the same interest as you. I would like to know if the application you saw is on appsheet and if you can share it with me. I for now what I am doing is a slice and when you click on a row it changes the attribute of the column I am using as a filter in the slice and the row disappears.

You could perhaps set your format rule to check if the person exists in your 2nd table. A simple IN() expression should suffice, like:

IN( [Person] , second-table[Person] )

Although I think it may be pertinent to know how you intend for this app to function when used multiple times. Like, are you going to manually delete all old entries in your 2nd Table before using the functionality for the next “firedrill”?

I think the problem is not the expression or function to filter; the problem is formatting the row in your “#view” when it is clicked .

Thanks a lot of

Aw yiss! :sunglasses: This is the one I needed. Cheers mate! :beers: