Trying to populate text field with certain characters using MID()

Currently have a view that has a scanner function where when I scan/enter a uniqueid that takes me to the referenced column/row in another view.

I’m trying to get it so when I scan the QR codes on the ID cards or enter anything into the text field it gets rid of everything/it extracts the the last 4 characters of the text and populates the scanner text field)

The codes on the ID cards all contain only 9 letter Text. Eg. Y0123456G. I want to be able to just get the last 4 characters eg.456G when anything is entered into the text field.
Because it’s sensitive info, I can’t have the full ID on a column to reference it, hence the headache of going through all this. :sweat_smile:

I’ve tried using MID([SCAN], 7, 9) but the text box just doesn’t show up anymore after…

I hope you’re aware that you can hide fields that have sensitive information in them, but also be able to access their contents for linking etc?

Also, you say you want the last 4 characters of the text input, but then you use the MID formula when you could just use RIGHT instead?

So Right([Scan],4)

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Thank you very much for the reply! I figured it out eventually, had it right the first time, just had to add another step :slight_smile: