Trying to reset quantity to zero with each load after sync

Hi, I’m new to AppSheet, although I’m not new to development and design. I have a very basic order sheet for a restaurant that I’m working on. It connects to my Google Sheet and updates an order quantity column per item. I have two simple actions (add to order, subtract from order) that show an increase/decrease in the number displayed, as well as update a “Quantity Ordered” column. I’ve also set up a control column with all quantities equaling 0.

Where I am pulling my hair out is figuring out an expression or function to reset the Order Quantity to 0 after the user sync’s the app to the Google Sheet table. I’ve tried a bunch of combinations and even though I get close I feel like I’m missing something here. I have the basic add and subtract actions working on the number so that it increases/decreases on tap.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 9.10.50 AM|347x94

This is only possible if the column is a virtual column, and even then isn’t trivial. Why do you want to reset the value to zero on sync?

I believe it is going to confuse the staff when they are ordering on a daily basis. So basically, the staff member that is ordering would have a clean slate each time.

I currently have it setup with a virtual column that is taking into account the addition of the the control value + the quantity inputed (another column based on user input). This works the first time around around with blank data, but doesn’t solve an initial value =0 at the start. @Steve thanks for responding by the way.

I’m afraid I don’t understand enough how your app works, and it sounds like you’re taking an unconventional approach. Without a lot more details, I have nothing else to offer.

What I have used with a restaurant app… the quantity is reset when the order is delivered (via Workflow) with an action. Then you can change the qty as many times as you want and when you make an order, it’s time to reset the qty. Could you use that method as well?