Trying to restore to previous version of app

Hey Everyone,

I’m Trying to Restore to a previous version of one of my apps, about 20 iterations ago, sometime Yesterday. I’ve made some blunders and have no idea whats going on anymore.

So, i can see version history, I can go to and see the version in action that I want to restore to, but when I click Make this Version the Current Version, It starts doing something, and than I get page 404, page not found errors.

What is going on?

Please contact for help with this.

I have done this Thanks Steve. Possibly I was doing something blindly stupid on my end.

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I doubt it.

I still have not heard back from support on this.

I don’t see a record of contact from you about this. Perhaps the email didn’t make it? Try resending?

Just Resent.

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I haven’t heard anything regarding this yet. Can someone check if Support has responded and my server is rejecting mail?

Many Thanks :smiley:

Escalated internally.

Hi Jonathan,

Can you confirm whether you received and saw the response from Abdelnasser yesterday?
We see a reply to it from you saying “Regards”, but I am not sure if it is a follow up from your original email or an acknowledgment that you have seen his answer. And if you have, did his suggestions help?
I guess on our end we were awaiting to hear back from you whether the link he sent you helped…

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Our Support engineer on shift today is presently following up on your tickets and sending you a follow up email. Please do let us know if you don’t see his answer which you should receive via email momentarily.

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Yup, The regards was a new follow up. I can confirm I have his email :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thank you for confirming Jonathan.