Trying to see if category = "FYI" under behaviors workflow

I have a table named servicecalls. I am trying to send an email to myself if the Category field contains “FYI”.
The idea is that when an employee is entering in a service call entry, if they check the box "FYI " it sends the email to the team, however you can also select more than one category checkbox, so you could check the “estimate” box and the “FYI” and so on.
I just need to know what the syntax should be in the if this is true condition in the workflow rule?

I may not be understanding this properly, but I’ll give it a shot. If the only thing that matters is whether FYI is checked, then that could be a simple Yes/No field.

Have you tried something like…
For new adds in your servicecalls table…
Added Condition: [FYI]=“Yes”
Send email to whole team.

And then just have another workflow for when [FYI]=“No”

I agree with @eddie, IF the FYI was represented as a Yes/No.

I am gathering that the column is likely an EnumList and the user can check several options one of which is the “FYI” option. If this is the case, then in your workflow you could check if “FYI” is selected using this expression:

CONTAINS([Column], "FYI")

Obviously, you would ADD this to any other criteria needed in the workflow.

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Not CONTAINS(), which checks for text within text, but instead IN(), which checks for item in a list:

IN("FYI", [Column])

Ahh… you’re right! Read too fast. Definitely an enumerated list.

Yes, your are right, IN() is a better more correct solution.

But, in this case they both will work. I do currently use CONTAINS() in the way I described which is why I knee-jerkedly suggested it! :slight_smile:

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@Steve by the way, I noticed a while back there is no support page for the CONTAINS() function. Is this something you could add?

Hey Guys, Thanks for the help. It is an enumlist, field name is Category if that helps.


Understood. @Steve s suggestion of using the IN() function is the best to use. Like so:

IN("FYI", [Category])

@Steve Awesome!! One observation, in the “See Also” section the link to go to IN() page is not included (text only). In both the CONTAINS() and FIND() support pages. Just an FYI is you want to fix it.

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