Trying to test a workflow; not able to 'execute task' in test mode, the button is not clickable

I have an email/pdf workflow that has been in place for months. I have not changed it and it worked without issues in the past. Now when I go to test it I’m unable to click the ‘execute task’ button. I see ‘{…large payload…}’ and ‘click to see payload’ above the task action button but I’m unable to find any information on what this new information means and what, if anything, I should do to change my workflow so I can execute it.


From my point of view, “test” feature for workflow is currently broken, but you may contact and report to



Thanks, I’ll reach out to them.

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Thank you both. Not good.
@Phil @prithpal ^

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I’ve been using it like this, since i have been working mostly on workflows for some time now:

  • Nothing happens when you press the “Execute task” button? congratulations, your workflow works ! trigger it from within your app to see the result.
  • Getting an error popup? you can debug it by reading the error info that appears on a popup.

I believe the testing feature itself works, but the workflow can’t be executed.
I’m guessing this is related to What is the large pay load in teste mode for sending mail and how to fix it