Trying to understand the process of app upgrades

  1. When you point your current app to a new build, after you run the upgrade do you remove the now old version? and or keep it for other reasons and change the deployment.
  2. In my case I copied my live app, made the changes needed and upgraded it, however my workflows and report settings changed, is this something I need to watch out for in the future?


Hi Rod,

  1. There’s no set rules on how you might go about versioning your app. It would likely depend on the significance of the changes you’re instituting, the number of app users you’re rolling this out to, etc. In general, it would probably be wise to set a stable version for your app that you can default to as you’re rolling out changes.

Setting a stable version

Setting an app version per user

  1. Yes, it would be best practice to check your workflows and report settings whenever you’re copying apps and particularly sharing with other users. At the AppSheet team, we actually ran into this (self-induced) issue last week with a number of our sales-related apps. It’s very easy to forget what workflows or reports point where (also, check any email templates!), so you definitely can’t go wrong checking your settings.

Thanks Eddie!

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