Turn Off Bulk Actions for a Table

Simple straight forward question:

Is it possible to turn off bulk actions for a specific table?

I have a table that would allow ‘Admin’ userrole to delete a row but rather not have the ‘bulk’ select enabled for this. So is it possible to turn this feature off for a specific table?

One option is, you may wish to try CONTEXT(“ViewTYpe”) <> “Table” or whatever summary view type you are using in the action condition.

However, with this setting the “Admin” will need to delete a row by going to the detail view.


Thank you, that solved that you cannot bulk delete from the table view, however the bulk select ‘check mark’ icon at the top right corner still is there. When selecting rows this way it just does not have the delete action available.

Ultimately that solves what I wanted, however it would have been nice if the ‘check mark’ to initiate bulk actions could be ‘hidden’ also.

Not testing.
Make your table view out of slice which is not deletable the rows.

Then make another slice from the same table, which can be deletable the rows.

Once you select row on the table view, then attach row selected action (deeplink action) to bring the app users to the detail view which is made out of the 2nd slice which is deletable for the rows.