Turn Text View Into Inline View

Hi AppSheet,

Right now this column looks like this:

But I want it to look like this:

Here is what the column definition looks like:

What should I do?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Tiffany, can you share a bit more about the tables you have connected to this app? It looks like the scenario might be that you have ‘stops’ on a delivery route that you’d like to list out?

When you connect the two tables via a ‘ref’ column, a virtual column ‘List’ of related records will automatically be created, and that can be used for the ‘inline table view’ you’re trying to create.

Is this enough information?

I think I’m interpreting this right, someone double check me:

If you look at your ‘Route’ table, do you see a virtual column list of ‘Related Clipboard’? (This is automatically created when the relationship is established).

In the ‘detail view’ (in UX look for ‘Route_Detail’), you’ll have the option to specify which columns appear, and if you include that virtual column list of ‘Related Clipboard’, it will show up in that detail view as a table like what you want.

Here is what happened when I tried that. The virtual column was not an option under “Column Order”