Two dimension lookup

Anyone know how to do a two dimension lookup? I know I could use an index match in excel or xlookup, but how do I do that in appsheet?

Did you try using LOOKUP():


As @Harsh_Ch suggested, (btw: Welcome to Community…),

You can do that with AppSheet’s LOOKUP, but, you need to create the table for the lookup to work. Something like Unpivot the pivot table and add that table to AppSheet, sample like below snapshot:


Thanks for the advice. Lookup doesn’t really work for me since the variables in the function don’t offer the ability to be dynamic. I did change my table to look more like Heru’s example, but I ultimately went with a Select function with an And function embedded.
It looked like this.
Select(School Days[School Day], and([School]=[_thisrow].[School],(today()+7)=[Date]))