Two questions: Is it possible to hide the me...

(Cory Chapman) #1

Two questions:

Is it possible to hide the menu but not the search button?

How do you disable mutilple row select in a table ux? Or hide the checkbox in the upper right that allows multiple rows to be selected?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Cory, a) That option to hide the menu + search itself is going away. The menu is going to always be visible. it has some essential functions that become problematic if hidden. b) Multi-row select is automatically enabled when there are actions that can be applied to multiple rows. For example, a Delete action or a Set-Value action. However, an Edit action or a Navigate action only applies to a single row at a time.

(Cory Chapman) #3

So there is no way to disable multi-row select or hide the checkbox button as long as there are actions available to the rows?