Tying data in tables together

I am trying to build an app for my sons gymnastics team to make it easier for the parents to track scores and progress across seasons. I have been looking at a few other sample apps, but am stuck on a couple of major things.

I have a separate table for each meet, which holds the meet scores. In each Meet Score table is a column for the athlete, each apparatus (with the value being the score) and then an All around score. I then have a finaltable listing all the meets, dates for the meets, location, etc.

What I want to do is have the first screen be a “Meet Selection” where you choose the Meet. Then, the next screen will show the athletes and their scores for that athlete at that meet.

Where I am stuck is on how to connect the data between two tables (An individual Meet Score table and the general Meet table). I have tried using reference, but just can’t get it working where when you click the Meet name I want it to take you to the score data for that meet. Instead it just gives the more details on that meet such a location.

Are there any tutorials you would recommend that would be very close to this use case?

Hi @snickny,

If i understand correctly:

  1. Create a view from the individual meet score table
  2. Group by: Meet
    2.1) Group by: Athleet
  3. Group aggregate for some options as SUM

Or you can:

  1. Create a view from the Meet
  2. Use the Nested table column to see you gymnasts

One option is to create an action button for your Meet view… clicking that action, it will show you a filtered list of Athlete records from that Meet. It could be something like…

Ok thanks. These suggestions are helpful. I see where I can go with it. I’ll keep tinkering with it to see if I can do what I am after.