"Type" is "Ref" how to filter data when opening window

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When I open a window in the “NAME” field and select data entry
, Can hope that the data displayed in the window can be filtered first according to the input data in the [AREA] field above!
What should I do?
Are there examples?
Thank you

I am no teacher, so I can only share you below link:


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Try as the Valid If for the NAME column:

      "Table with Names",
      ([_THISROW].[AREA] = [Area of Name])

Replace Table with Names with the name of the table referenced by the NAME column, and Area of Name with the name of the column in that same table that identifies the area. Note that the above assumes that the Area of Name column is assumed to be of the same column type as the AREA column. If not, you will have to adjust the comparison accordingly.

See also:


Thank you, teacher

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