Tyring to add a Table, click on data -> Add N...

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Tyring to add a Table, click on data -> Add New Table -> Get Data From… new data source -> i click on this and then i sign in with Google (i want google drive data), click OK but then it never adds and i can keep doing this in circles.

Any ideas?


Hi @Hannes_Rohregger What happens if you just click on Google, not new data source?

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Hi @Lynn , i don’t see anything else to press


@Hannes_Rohregger I see what you mean. You could try going to your “My Account” page > Sources and try adding google from there.

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hi @Lynn ,

I went in there and can’t see google source, so i re-added it. But it isn’t coming up. I went into google account and i can see that AppSheet is there… Strange?

Strange thing is, i already have 4 tables each using google source (added these about 2 months ago), all working well. EDIT: okay they have stopped working and now i have a google api authorization warning and the app won’t load… argh

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and the screenshot from google account