U just wait Bubble

Got this in my email today…

“…the biggest no-code conference in the world,” :rofl:

For now!

You just wait till AppSheet finishes it’s integration with GCP, we’ll see about this “biggest no-code conference in the world” business then.
:nerd_face:partyparrot (Appsheet)


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We’ve had religion wars, language wars and many other types of wars. It seems you are calling for a NoCode war🤔

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lol, you took that a bit far… :roll_eyes:

I guess I was just letting my arrogance about AppSheet’s superiority bleed out a little and show here amongst my fellow AppSheetians.

I was just trying to be all cute and funny… then you got all serious. :neutral_face:

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Hey now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and as someone that would like to break out of the UI limitations of appsheet there is a chance something like that would be a superior solution. Every app has its own needs so there is no one size fits all no code solution.

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