U.S. State Health, Employment & Housing Resources

I’ve added a couple more COVID related apps to the Sample App Directory - interested to hear any feedback or suggestions for the following U.S. state resources and a directory of disinfectants approved by the EPA:


Excellent work on all the Covid sample apps. Have you worked on one that allows a person to self-report their symptoms and then the app gives them recommendations on follow-up care. It could be added the app that gives information about where people can get tested, go to a clinic/ER, or information about telemedicine options.

Thanks @Ron_Mansolo - haven’t worked on the feedback/reporting aspect of this yet, but have included a database of urgent care clinics in the ‘Med Supply Exchange’ sample app, in case you’re interested using/modifying that (contains only mock med supply data):

I am unable to get the the entire list of the clinics on your Google sheet. What was the source of your data?

@Ron_Mansolo Sorry about that, I think I left the sheet filtered to just NY locations. Should be accessible now, but the original source available in the ‘About’ sheet is from: https://hifld-geoplatform.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/urgent-care-facilities

Thank you