UI Buttons Arrangment

Hi, I’m trying to change around where some of the buttons for my behaviors are located.
So far I understand how to rearrange the order of the buttons in this drop down

But I’m trying to rearrange what buttons (Or ideally not have any buttons) are displayed in this area.

This is in a deck view.

Go to behavior pane, action tab. Scroll upper bottom, you will find Rearrange action.

I did not tested, but I believe it will reorder of action icons in there.

If you want to hide all the actions, then you create the slice out of the table. Then you DO NOT append any action to that slice.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but while I’m still trying to have the behaviors displayed in the drop-down I’d like for nothing to be displayed in that area I circled in red. If there’s no way that’s okay I was just curious.

Okey, sure.

I m not sure if you tried it out. On the action and its setting “only if condition is true”, push the expression like CONTEXT(“View”) <> “YourDeckViewName”

This may hide the action on your deck view you on that table, but show on the other view like Detail View which are based on the exactly same table.

I have not tried, but it s worth.