Unable to add/edit/delete row in table. "code": 403, "message": "Forbidden" --- Problem while uploading images

In my app, the users have an option to upload an image. However everytime an image is uploaded, the app sends the following message upon syncing -

Unable to add/edit/delete row in table ‘Add Beneficiary’. → {

“error”: {

“errors”: [


“domain”: “global”,

“reason”: “forbidden”,

“message”: “Forbidden”



“code”: 403,

“message”: “Forbidden”



Please help how to resolve it.

Are update allowed?


Yes. All 3 are allowed.

Are the app users able to edit and update other fields in spite of they being added as app users?

If not, you may wish to check if back end database has access (write access) to authorized users of the app.

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I have gone through similar issues… so i have also made by google drive folder public… any one can edit it.
I have also added the Image/File folder path for the image - “/Project ERP/Payments App/Payment Details Image”.
These are the 2 other recommended solution but that is still ot working.
The images are directed to google drive fyi

yes they are. infact… interestingly, when the image fails to uplaods, the app actually completes the sync and does not show this error. in these cases the google sheet shows the following error in the image column -

“The selected image could not be found.#filename=logo.png”

What is your security setting:

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They are that of app creator.

google sheet and app sheet account are both of the same id. the drive also belongs to the same id

Try this:


I was one of the unlucky ones… but i had done it already as the issue prevented me from signing in to my account when this problem surfaced.

however, i have done it again, but the error is still showing.

I have only one to offer, which is check if you are using a read only slice.
Other than that, you have to contact support@appsheet.com directly.

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No it is not a slice. Okay i ll contact support. Thank you Heru!

When you have the response/solution, please also share it here, I’ll be interesting to see if this is involving some-kind of domain admin right access or multiple account access.


Hello Heru. After working with a very responsive and helpful convrsation with google cloud support team the issue was resolved.

We could not figure out what went wrong, but were able to resolve the issue nonetheless.

We switched from image to file - and that seemed to solve the problem!

Hope this was helpful.


Hi @Apoorv_Jain,

I could have never imagine that as the solution for a 403 error code, Thanks for sharing this with us.

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