Unable to add fields to form

Hi all, I have a form that I want to be able to use to either scan a barcode or manually select a member from a drop down list to record their attendance.

The problem is I can’t figure out how to add the member name to the form. it’s just showing the barcode and the date, where / do I add the other field “Member” to the form. I can’t seem to see it in the form area.

I’ve even just tried to create a new form and it defaults to just these to fields on the list. Any ideas?

Hi… Have you tried adding a new column to your table called [member] or similar?

Thanks for the reply. I already have this on the table but it doesnt seem to show up on the form.

What are the G&H columns for?

Is your form based on a slice? Is that column in the slice?

In the base table, is the column set to view?

The Show? setting will hide the column entirely if set to OFF or to an expression that evaluates to FALSE.

If a column value is blank (the column has no value) and the column’s Editable? setting prevents the user from editing the column value, AppSheet will (by default) hide the column. If the user should be able tomodify the column’s value, make sure Editable? is ON or is an expression that evaluates to TRUE.

Just blank as I was going to use them. I think I’ve figured it now though. I had a spreadsheet formula in the member column, I removed this and put in a suggested value of Members[Member Name], then made this editable and that seems to have done the trick.


Glad to hear that you’ve solved the issue. Thanks for informing.

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Thanks for making the effort you too buddy :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

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