Unable to change the storage location from the app owner google drive to another

Hi All,

I recently created an app and moved the ownership to a member from our finance team to handle the monthly payment for the app, while I kept myself as admin on it, yet all responses are being stored on his drive

I asked him to make me the owner of the storage folder, after that was done, a new folder was created on his drive and new entries were recorded on it

I tried to change the storage location from App Properties to the folder that I have in my drive (Not the owner’s) I pasted it as a link, not a path, it didn’t come up with any error, yet it changed nothing, as well as I am not sure how to find the path of a folder in an external drive, and I am not sure if Appsheet will accept it

I tried to change the storage location from Data–>Column–> the desired entry field, it didn’t accept the folder link

I am not sure now what can I do to allow the storage to my drive that has unlimited storage instead of his

I appreciate the support

Khaled Alaa

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.