Unable to Create Email Template

Hi all,

I am trying to create workflow to send an email. I would like to use an email body template. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to create the template. Nothing happens when I click on the create button. I also clicked on the file icon to try and select a template I created in google docs. I receive a message that the file can’t be located. Any suggestions to help the rookie?

Hi @Bryan_Cooper
Do you have screen shot of your workflow In the editor.

Here are the screenshots.

Hi , Did you save the workflow before clicking on create?


I actually got the template to create something. However, it makes no sense to me. I thought it would allow me to select a file that I created in google docs. The attached screenshot shows the template that was created.

Hi @Derek
Could you help out here please?

Hmm, that looks broken. Could you send information to support@appsheet.com with the details of your app (and also, give us the permission to look at your app). Then we can try doing this in a debug session and see what’s going on


I have responded via email support@appsheet.com.

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